Simple WordPress Help Desk Plugin.

WordPress meets email and they have a baby. That baby, like all, is cute. It takes the strengths of both and comes up with a powerful way to enable you serve your customers better and easier. Take your customer service to the next level using this FREE, intuitive WordPress solution.


As a small business, it always seems like a trade-off between delivering a superb product/service and offering great customer service especially considering that you feel stretched too thin more than half the time. We get it. Like you, we are always caught between that rock and hard place ourselves. To fix this, we built Kanzu Support Desk(KSD), a WordPress help desk plugin that simplifies offering splendid customer service.

It takes the guesswork, endless email threads, confusing multiple conversations and all the stuff that makes you feel like a novice at customer support and shows it the door (the exit that is). Here’s how:

  1. WordPress First: Kanzu Support Desk fits into WordPress like a hand in a snug glove. As WordPress core contributors, we are all about a native WordPress experience. You don’t have to relearn to hit the ground running
  2. Support Agents: As WordPress help desk plugins go, Kanzu Support Desk allows you to right off the bat, decide who gets to do customer support on your team. There’s no limit to how many agents you can have
  3. WordPress Live Chat: Live chat is key in offering your customers super quick turnaround time. We offer integration to Olark live chat; Olark has Android, IOS and web apps to allow you to respond to chat from anywhere at any time. With our integration, all these conversations are seamlessly turned into tickets for easier follow-up later.
  4. Multiple channel support: Great customer service today is across multiple channels; your customers will reach out on your website, by email, on your social media pages and even in person while you work-out at the gym. Our WordPress help desk plugin allows you to receive all those messages (email, on your website, Facebook, Twitter) as tickets in your support desk. This allows you to be more effective by working from a single portal.
  5. WordPress Knowledge base: One of the highest forms of awesome customer support is the kind that anticipates customer needs and provides answers before they reach out. Our support desk allows you to have a rich set of articles for your customers to get answers even without creating support tickets
  6. Help desk reports: Keep an eye on how you are performing on customer service as a team. Average response time, total tickets created, un-replied tickets, and a plethora of other useful data is available to you.
  7. Canned support responses: No need to keep re-typing the same responses over and over again (who has time for that right?). Type once, save and reuse whenever you need it. This is very useful if you respond to similar queries frequently.
  8. Integrations: We have integrations with Hip Chat, Olark (for live chat), Slack and with a number of others in development (and still more available on demand). Check out our full list of add-ons and in case you require a custom build, feel free to get in touch

Kanzu Support Desk Add-ons