Our Story

"There is everything to do with that Kanzu"

- C.E.O, Peter Kakoma

Story of the ‘Kanzu’

It was an easy pick and choice for the company name however, a number of explanations hold;

If hand-made, the embroidery design on two Kanzus can never be the same, thus our tailor-made approach. It is also a reflection of our African heritage.

We also see the Kanzu as a representation of our gender equality efforts – Kanzu as a dress! But also, as a part of the power button in our Logo which is also a representation of the power of Christ in what we do.

Who We Are

We are a passionate software development company that’s invested in using technology to make a significant difference in the lives of businesses. We build innovative, relevant digital solutions to make life easier for our clients.

What We Stand For: Vision & Mission


To be a global leader in building accessible, relevant, life-changing tech solutions


Building innovative, world-class digital solutions and inspiring others within the ecosystem to do the same.

We are keen on creating world class software engineers. We are looking to create 500 world class software engineers by 2024. 

The Team Behind The Scenes

A lot of what we do is because we invest in having a strong team; that not only understands and complements each other but also understands what we are destined to do, as a company.

Peter Kakoma Chief Executive Officer
Amos Kiyingi Finance Manager
Jovial Kibirango Human Resource Manager
Patricia Atim Software Engineer
Faith Ruth Imokol Software Engineer
Ephraim Okalebo Sales & Client Relations Manager
Amanda Joy Administration Officer
Jackson Onyango Chief Technical Officer
Micheal Kalyango Senior Software Engineer
Anne Karibui W. Head of Operations
Moses Bogere Software Engineer
Martin Matovu Software Engineer
Jerald Muhwezi Software Engineer
Jason Carela Graphics Designer
Ankunda Nisha Volunteer
Bash Shadrack Volunteer
Stephen Edonga Volunteer
Oyee James Volunteer
Rogers Lubanga Volunteer