Kanzu Banking is a comprehensive digital solution that empowers micro-finance institutions, savings and investment groups to manage their portfolios seamlessly using reliable, user-friendly and secure web and mobile technology. It also allows clients of those micro-finance institutions to access credit and track their savings and loans on the go.

The platform has the following portals:

  1. An administrative web portal: This allows administrators of the institution to configure everything concerning their institution – adding clients, loans and savings products, etc. – and also monitor the health of the institution by viewing various performance reports.
  2. A self-service web portal: This allows clients of the institution to apply for loans and view their transactions.


Clients’ Navigation

This consists of the clients, their groups and centre navigation. This feature provides the details of each of these three aspects, helping you cluster your clients in groups and centres to empower them. Clients can act on their own, with individual savings and loan accounts, or they can act as part of a group in a particular centre.


This feature consists of all the accounting activities that take place in any institution, financial or not, for example, journal entries, chart of Accounts, Accounting rules for your organization, frequent postings etc. to help you customize the system to the needs of your organization.

Reports and Analysis

The system comes with standard reports that all financial institutions use. All the data generated while handling Loan Accounts, Saving Accounts, Clients, Accounting, Funds, etc. can be viewed in Reports. The standard reports are directly embedded in the system. However, other reports can be created on request.


This feature is home to several options which allow you to customize the experience of the system user to the needs of your financial institution. Some of the options under the admin include; managing user roles and permissions, products administration, templates generation among others.

Your core banking method could be holding you back from progressing as an organisation or enterprise, catching up to the online and mobile customer expectations and making your staff as efficient and productive as possible. It can also be a major operational and security risk.

Use Kanzu Banking to transform your current operations to serve your customers, your staff and all your shareholders better. The platform provides a complete banking solution that empowers institutions to manage their portfolios seamlessly using reliable, user-friendly and secure web and mobile technology.