Like posts, there are several ways to display your knowledge base articles. You can insert links to them directly in other content, add a link to the knowledge base archive to your menu or use one of the following:

The Knowledge Base landing page

This page displays your knowledge base categories on a landing page that also has a search form. To create a landing page, add the shortcode [ksd_knowledge_base] to any post/page

On activation, a page called ‘Knowledge Base’ is created automatically and this short code added. To view it, go to

If you’d like to display the landing page on  another page or post, just add the shortcode [ksd_knowledge_base] there

Support tab

If you have the support tab enabled on your site, the form will be replaced with a knowledge base tab so that before submitting a ticket, users navigate through your knowledge base articles.

The Knowledge base
The Knowledge base

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