After activating your KSD Replies license, you should be ready to join customer service ninjas who respond super fast (and probably don’t only wear black). When you activate the license, reload your settings page. An additional tab will be added to your settings. Go to that tab.

The replies tab anatomy. That could become a TV show one day

Give  a category, title and subject to your reply before entering content and saving it.

To edit/delete a reply, hover on it and ‘Edit’ and ‘Delete’ links will appear in the right corner of the reply, next to its category name.

So, what’s the deal with category/title/subject you ask? It’s easier to explain the  distinction when you see them in action. Let’s see that…

Now, if you have AT LEAST ONE saved reply, every time you create a new ticket or a new ticket reply, you’ll have an ‘Insert Reply’ button in your WordPress editor. Click on that button to view your replies.

PS: Create at least one reply for the magic to happen

Insert a WordPress help desk reply
Insert a WordPress help desk reply

As you can see, the categories group your replies while the titles help you easily identify them. On clicking a title, the ticket subject and content are automatically populated. In the case of a reply, the subject is ignored since the ticket will already have a subject.

That’s it! Go ye forth and reply like a….

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