After installing and activating the KSD Mail plugin head over to the Tickets > Settings > Licenses tab and enter your license and click the Activate License button

Once your license has been activated click  create a free Kanzu Mail account set up an email account with Kanzu Mail to which you shall forward your emails. But that’s for later. Let’s move on.

On clicking the link a new window shall be opened at  Fill out the form and click Create Account. Remember to note down your username and password for later.

Now head over to the Tickets > Settings > Kanzu Mail tab.

Awesome. Let’s use that username and password you made up earlier so we can log  into Kanzu Mail from the add-on so that it can retrieve your forwarded emails. Hang in there we’re almost done.

OK. Once you have successfully logged in the add-on can successfully retrieve emails from the Kanzu Mail server.

But how do my emails get to the Kanzu Mail server?

Yes. Great question Einstein. Well all you need to do is set up the email account that receives your support email e.g. to forward your emails to your Kanzu Mail account at In case you’re not sure how to do that here’s a nice guide that will help you out.

One more thing. We need the forwarding email address so that everything can work nice and smooth in the background. Fill out the From( Name ) and From( Email Address ) under the General tab and click the Update button in the bottom right corner.

And that’s it. Pour a cup of coffee, put your feet up and watch some cat videos on YouTube and let Kanzu Mail do everything. Every support mail that comes into your email account shall be automatically forwarded and a ticket created inside Kanzu Support Desk.

Talk about making customer support easy!

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