I was approached by a friend of mine, a developer, in July 2014 to build a customer service portal for someone. I did a number of searches to get a picture of what I was in for; what did the interwebs have to offer in terms of ticketing solutions? Info in hand, I set off to meet my friend and the someone.

We discussed the project and agreed that I send a formal price quotation. I did that a few days later and the trail went cold. Developers can relate with ladies in this area – you meet prospect, have coffee, send a quotation (or text, ladies, help me out here) and the prospect goes silent. I did what any developer in my situation would  have done – built the solution anyway.

See, during the search I realized that WordPress didn’t have any native, solid customer service plugin. And I love WordPress. I got in touch with one of the most versatile developers I know, Ssegga, pitched the idea and we started work. I thought it’d take about 2 weeks to build….ha, lies. Lies, I tell you! It took us close to four months. Four. Months. In that time, an average fly somewhere has spanned 4 generations. There we were, coding, for 4 fly generations.

On 21st November,2014 though, finally, Kanzu Support Desk was made public in the WordPress plugin repository. The WordPress plugin review team took about an hour to evaluate us and let us in. I think they could immediately tell we meant business; as a precaution, we’d stationed muscular guys at their offices to convince them about how serious we were. It didn’t get to that though. We figured that since they didn’t do any real work, the muscular guys would refund our money. None of us though could find the nerve to go ask for a refund.

We were in though; that’s all that mattered. The journey started.


*cue battle music*