Muna is the Premium WordPress theme that understands personal blogging and its various intricacies. Built by bloggers for…well, bloggers.

Muna - Premium Personal Blogging WordPress theme

Your personal blog should be pretty…and fast. Muna is beauty with speed. She understands:

Your uniqueness

Team YOU is a big brand. A very unique brand. Muna knows that. You get to own and modify her to be a proper reflection of you. Your blog is a very big deal afterall. #MunaGetsIt

Your writing

Muna puts your writing at the center of the show *and the crowd goes super wild! More, give us More!!*

No code

Down with code! Let’s lift the heavyweights in the background so you can do what you do best – write beautiful words for humans.

Personal support

What’s a good theme without great support? Our team’s strong WordPress-fu [WordPress Core Contributors, Premium Theme Developers, Premium Plugin Developers, WordPress Theme Reviewers] makes us pretty technically qualified for solid support. *cough* We’ve been told our people skills are top-notch *cough* but we’ll let you be the judge of that.


There’s that thing about having 1,423 options you don’t need. Muna was built together with real bloggers; real people who know what’s important to fellow bloggers. All those options you don’t need were sent to that place all bad movies {insert your examples here} should go.