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Kanzu Support Desk Your WordPress HelpDesk

Great customer care is at the heart of every good product or service. Delivering it as a small business can be a challenge. It takes a lot to manage your website's chat, keep track of all those emails and respond to tweets & posts all while making sure nothing slips. Kanzu Support Desk makes it easier to work as a team and track your conversations with your customers across various channels. Built for WordPress by the platform's experts, it fits into your WordPress interface like a hand in a snug glove so you can get a lot done intuitively. Simply.

Our free WordPress helpdesk solution has a number of friends that make it even more awesome. Meet some of them...
  • Knowledge Base

    Knowledge Base

    Respond to your customer even before they call. Create a rich set of articles to answer all common questions.

  • Email


    Turn emails into tickets and keep the conversation going (and personal).

  • Get Social

    Get Social

    Automatically turn customer tweets to you and posts on your Facebook page into tickets.

  • Canned Replies

    Canned Replies

    Do not repeat yourself; save your breath for singing in the shower. Instead, type your response once and re-use it.

  • Metrics

    Show Me The Metrics

    Track how well you are doing. Let the numbers talk to you...then ask your customers to rate your performance and let those numbers speak to you as well.

  • Chat

    Live Chat

    Using our integration with Olark, interact with your customer in real-time and still have a record of that in your tickets for analysis later (over a cup of coffee maybe?).