As Kanzu Code approaches its 10th anniversary, we’re reflecting on the incredible journey that brought us here. From being housed in a single room in Najjera to a thriving ecosystem of four companies (Kanzu Code Limited, Kanzu Code Foundation, Kanzu Code Inc., and Kanzu Finance Limited), our growth is a testament to the dedication of our team. 

Today, we want to especially celebrate the remarkable women who have played a pivotal role in shaping our story.

Kanzu Code - 10th Year Anniversary
Bridget Ainomugisha, Head of Finance
Bridget Ainomugisha, Head of Finance
Maria Gorette Namuddu, Customer Success Executive
Maria G. Namuddu, Customer Success Exec.
Patricia Atim, Lead Software Eng.
Patricia Atim, Lead Software Eng.

A Call to Action: Join Us in Shaping the Future

The tech industry in Africa has vast potential, but significant gender disparities remain.
This milestone demonstrates that intentionality and inclusivity can break down barriers and fuel growth.

Kanzu Code is actively seeking talented individuals to join our growing team.
If you’re passionate about technology and building a more inclusive future, we encourage you to explore opportunities at Kanzu Code Careers. Whether at Kanzu Code Limited, Kanzu Code Foundation, Kanzu Code Inc., or Kanzu Finance Limited, there’s a place for you to contribute your skills and make a difference.

Together, let’s build a brighter future for women in tech across Africa!What are your thoughts? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below! Share your experiences or suggest initiatives that you think would make it easier for women to join the tech industry. By working together, we can create a more inclusive and thriving tech ecosystem for everyone.